President of the Republic
President of the Republic
H.E Josè Eduardo dos Santos
Message from the Embassy of the Republic of Angola to the Republic of Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

Since the opening of our Embassy in Singapore, 7 years ago, we have noticed the growing interest of Asian countries in Angola, although our country is still not as well-known here as we would like it to be.

Three decades ago, on 11 November 1975, the Republic of Angola won its Independence after a long struggle and many sacrifices. Only three years ago, Angolans achieved a comprehensive peace and have begun to enjoy its fruits. Since then, the Angolan Government has expanded reforms to ease state controls, ensure economic stability, reduce poverty, encourage private investment, and improve public accounting procedures – to make Angola an attractive and easy place for investment, to live and work in, and to visit.
By consistently pursuing prudent economic and fiscal policies and adopting a successful and broad programme of reform, coupled with an increase in oil production, the Angolan Government has stabilized the economy. Since 2002, the economic indicators are all moving in a positive direction, the GDP is continuously increasing, and inflation is decreasing.

In fact, despite difficult conditions in the world economy, the Republic of Angola has enhanced its status as a fast-growing economy on the African continent. Our people are working hard and conscientiously to integrate Angola into the global economy.

In recognition of the fact that continuing economic development requires a medium and long-term development strategy, the Angolan Government is creating an attractive environment by adopting new rules and regulations to facilitate foreign investment.

Angola is potentially a rich country, with a young and hard-working labour force, rich in natural resources such as large oil and gas deposits, diamonds, gold, iron ore and many other mineral resources, extensive forestation and Atlantic fisheries. Foreign exchange reserves have been increased, by lowering inflation further, and greater transparency has been promoted in government spending.

The Republic of Angola offers lucrative investment opportunities for all industrialists, businessmen, traders, exporters-importers, and investors. It is to the advantage of the business community here to look at the Angolan economy, business sectors and markets as offering great perspectives, and at Angola business counterparts as serious partners from a key country in Africa, where a heroic and peaceful people, the Angolans, have survived adversities and are doing their best to face the challenges of building a new "economic miracle" in the 21st century.

We invite all of you, friends of Angola, to help us realize this vision.