Basic Economic Data

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Real GDP Growth: 12.3% (2008 est.)
GDP per capita: Purchasing power parity US$9,000 (2008 est.)
Labor Force: 7.569 million (2008 est.)
Industries: Petroleum, diamonds, iron ore, phosphates, feldspar, bauxite, uranium, gold, cement, basic metal products, fish processing, brewing, tobacco products, sugar and textile
Oil Production: 2.015 million barrel/day (2008 est.)
Exports: US$66.3 billion (2008 est.)
Major Exports: Oil, diamonds, minerals, coffee, fish, timber, cotton, sisal and other agricultural products
Imports: $17.08 billion (2008 est.)
Major Imports: Machinery and electrical equipments, medicines, vehicles and spare parts, textile, food and military goods
Export-Partners: US 28.7%, China 33%, France 6%, South Africa 4.6%, Canada 4.1% (2008 est.)
Import Partners: Portugal 17.6%, China 15.7%, US 11.3%, South Africa 4.8%, Brazil 7.6% and South Korea 6.8% (2008 est.)
Roads: 51,429 km
Railways: 2,764km
Major Ports: Luanda, Lobito, Namibe and Soyo
Airports: International airport in Luanda, 13 other airports