Investment Opportunities

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The country has an abundance of natural resources.

It is endowed with a good climate, culture and rich landscape.

Two-thirds of the land is appropriate for agriculture, which allows for the development of agro-industries.

New Opportunities for foreign investors include:

* Participation in onshore and downstream oil operations;

* Telecommunications

* Rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in the power, transport, fishing and agriculture sector

* Industrial development

* Privatization of state-run enterprises, including and one public bank: The Bank of Commerce and Industry

Perspectives in the Industrial Sector

Angola does not possesses any kind of free-trade zone neither even a specific legislation on such an important type of undertaking to stimulate its development, except in relation to the free-trade stores, but it is foreseeing its institution (Economic Special Areas) under the program of the construction of the Poles of Industrial Development of Viana/Luanda, Catumbela/Benguela and Futila/Cabinda.

On the other hand, under the program of Creation of Conditions towards the Re-industrialization of Angola, the Government approved in 1998 and conferred competences to the Ministers of Finances and of industry for the creation of commercial societies for the promotion, construction and management of the Poles of Industrial  Development there where the conditions justify.

For illustration purposes, the Pole of Industrial Development of Futila, in Cabinda Province, was projected on a total extension of 2,345 hectares of which 500 hectares will be destined to the installation of industries of derivative products of petroleum, in particular Ammonia/Urea, Phosphate, Ethylene, Polyethylene, PVC, Fertilizers, Methanol and diesel oil starting from the natural gas.

This project seeks at the establishment of an area for industries of intensive energy consuming.  The intention is to provide the maximum use of the available natural gas in the "offshore", to be used as fuel and raw material for the main chemical industries, petrochemicals and of fertilizers.

There exists a forecast of establishment of several other industries no less important, particularly:-

* Industry of metal work whose processes of refining of minerals are of intensive energy consuming (iron ore, production of steel, concrete frame, refining of aluminium from alumina, etc)

* Additional industries of building materials from which the glass production, wood drying, production of sanitary ware, production of tubes and pipes of plastics, production of paper paste and packing, etc

* Agriculture - industry, in its diversity.