Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Singapore

Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Singapore

Ambassador Daniel Rosa presents Letters of Credentials in New Zealand

The Ambassador of the Republic of Angola, His Excellency Daniel António Rosa, was received this morning by the Governor General of New Zealand, Dame Cindy Kiro, at a meeting to present the credentials, with the status of non-resident in this pacific country.

The ceremony, with a traditional greeting with rituals from the natives the Mãoris and another official part, held at the Government House, in Wellington, capital of New Zealand, was attended by Dr. Richard Davies, spouse of the Governor General, advisors, and the head of the Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr Rod Harris, to whom yesterday, June 28, he delivered the working copies of the letters of credentials.

He was accompanied at the ceremony by a delegation composed of the minister counsellor, Mr Estevão Alberto; counsellor, Mr António Vieira Lopes, and the secretary, third secretary, Mrs Nicole Enriquez.In his speech on the occasion, he conveyed to Her Excellency the Governor General the profound and important political and socio-economic reforms that are being implemented by His Excellency João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, President of the Republic of Angola, since he assumed the leadership of the country and the Executive in 2017.

Indeed, he spoke of the electoral challenges of the 24th of August, whose objective is to strengthen even more “our young democracy”; the fight against corruption with a view to moralizing the society and creating better living conditions for the populations; of the efforts of the Angolan Head of State to pacify the Great Lakes Region, the African continent and other parts of the world, as well as the need to strengthen cooperation with this pacific country.He expressed the desire of the national authorities to see the signing of the draft legal instruments for cooperation between the two countries.

In her speech, Her Excellency the Governor General, Dame Cindy Kiro, expressed her country’s total openness to working with the Angolan authorities to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields.

She highlighted Angola’s valuable voice on peace and security issues in Africa, and commended its efforts in conflict prevention and resolution and the leadership role it has played in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), particularly in relation to the situation in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

The Representative of Her Majesty Elizabeth II also praised the efforts that the Angolan Executive has made to fight corruption and build trust in governmental institutions and in democracy, at a time when democratic institutions globally are under increasing pressure.

She acknowledged the work that Angola is developing to explore new economic opportunities and diversify its economic portfolio and expressed her country’s openness to sharing its experiences, including in the areas of agriculture, exports and sustainable tourism.

The Ambassador of Angola was the first to present the Letters of Credentials, out of a total of nine heads of mission currently accredited. He replaces the diplomat, Fidelino Loy de Jesus Figueiredo, in his current role.

The Embassy of Angola in Singapore covers a group of 16 countries, and His Excellency Ambassador Daniel António Rosa is also accredited in Singapore, the Philippines and Timor-Leste, with non-resident status.

Angola and New Zealand have good bilateral cooperation relations, especially in the economic field, with investments planned for the areas of agriculture, food industry, renewable energies, among others.